Lotto Magic

Membership Levels

We offer two categories of membership, and three levels of each category.

The categories are:

  • Player
  • Captain
  • The Levels are:

    • Team
    • Power
    • Mega

    Players are in an assigned pool with 7 other players. You play on a total of 8 tickets per drawing and receive 10% of any winning proceeds. As a player, you cannot earn referral commissions or build your pool.

    Captains start out on a clean slate. You are responsible for building your own pool by referring others to Lotto Magic, however, your pool is unlimited!

    Not only that, your pool “stretches” 5 levels deep, so if you enroll someone, and they enroll someone, and that person enrolls someone, etc… you are playing on all of those tickets, even though you did not personally refer the people beyond your first level.

    In addition to an unlimited width, 5 level deep pool, you also earn a referral commission on every single person whose tickets you are playing on, so, you can get paid to play the lottery, even if every single ticket you are playing on turns out to be worthless loser!

    Levels are simple:

    Team means you are playing in only the Florida Lotto.

    Power means you are playing in BOTH the Florida Lotto and Powerball.

    Mega includes Florida Lotto, Florida Mega Money, Multi-State Mega Millions, and Multi-State Powerball.

    So by combining the two possible levels with the two possible categories, the four membership options are:

    • Team Player
    • Power Player
    • Mega Player
    • Team Captain
    • Power Captain
    • Mega Captain
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