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Lottery Pools

A lottery pool is a group of people buying lottery tickets and splitting the winning proceeds amongst the group.

The number one way to increase odds in any lottery drawing is to simply purchase more tickets. Traditionally, lottery pools win the majority of the big jackpots because they have more buying power and are able to purchase more tickets.

Case in point:

One of the biggest Powerball jackpots ever won (over $300 million) was won by a group of people at the ConAgra food plant that formed a pool.

However, lottery pools have a tremendous downside.

As you add people to the pool, lottery odds shoot up dramatically (since you would be playing on more tickets) but, your potential winnings decrease in proportion to the size of the pool.

Lotto Magic changes all of that with a revolutionary pooling system that lets you grow a pool as large as you want without having to suffer a decreasing payout as the pool grows.

Our Team Player and Power Player level of memberships offer a fixed pool of 64 tickets per month that lets you play in the Florida Lotto drawings (Team Player) or both Florida Lotto and Powerball (Power Player). This pool pays you 10% of any winning proceeds and may be ideal if you simply want to play the Florida Lotto and/or Powerball from anywhere in the world without having to do any work or purchase any tickets.

Lotto Magic’s Team Captain & Power Captain memberships let you start your own lottery pool that is unlimited in size. Should your own tickets win anything, you are paid 50% of the proceeds. Should any other tickets you are playing on win anything, you get 10% of the proceeds regardless of how big the pool grows!

Watch our 15 minute video to see how we make this possible.

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